Nasikia Camps play a vital role in the long-term conservation of environment at all locations: people from villages bordering the Serengeti/Ngorongoro are employed in the camp, advising on the authenticity and environmental impact of the camp and income from the camp goes towards our community development commitments – education and employment.

By encouraging self-awareness and good leadership at a focused, grass-roots level, we envision that our partner communities will pull themselves out of poverty. This will therefore achieve sustainability for the projects and at the same time, the communities will become stable, imaginative and progressive contributors to the preservation of the country’s wildlife, ancient cultures and wilderness.

As our partner to enjoy responsible travel,

please note some ideas below:
  • Journey with an open mind – travel with a genuine desire to learn more about who you meet and what you observe.
  • Appreciate all the cultures you discover. Be aware of the feelings of other people, to prevent what might be offensive behaviour on your part. Be sensitive about photography. Ask yourself why you are taking a picture and would you enjoy being photographed in the same situation.
  • Cultivate the habit of listening and observing, rather than merely hearing and seeing.
  • Realise that often the people in the country you visit have time concepts and thought patterns different from your own. This does not, make them inferior, only different. Try to understand and enjoy this difference.
  • Respect and protect the natural environment. Instead of looking for just “stunning views”, look for the richness of another culture and way of life, along with the impressive history of the geological formations.
  • Make no promises to people in your host country, unless you intend to carry them through.
  • Enjoy yourself, but remember that an extravagant display of wealth is insensitive to local people who may have to manage on much less money than you have. Be conservative in your dress. You will get closer to people if you do not look very different.
  • Share your ideas, rather than enforce them – we all have a method that works for us.
  • Love, live and laugh – what a way to start and finish each day!


Please remember that Nasikia Tanzania Camps are located within the National Parks and therefore within the territories of resident wildlife – wild animals are dangerous! Please refrain from ever walking out of the camp area or walking alone at night. This is for the safety of all.



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