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Nasikia Camps are an intimate collection of mobile and semi-permanent camps located in the prime wildlife viewing areas of Tanzania’s northern safari circuit – experience the wilds of Tarangire, the incredible herds of the southern Serengeti plains, the wildlife-filled central areas and a short drive to the gauntlet of the Mara River.

Listen to the Sounds of the Wild.

With high quality canvas between your comfortable bed and the sounds of the African night, these camps provide the ideal accommodation for lovers of the great outdoors, while retaining the coziness of a warm bed, a hot shower, gratifying cuisine and a welcoming team.


As the grasses display fresh, green shoots the migration arrives – millions of wildebeest, zebras and gazelles. From late January and through most of February, this area is what cinematographers make movies about. With a cup of freshly ground coffee in hand, stretch up out of your vehicle to see these animals as far as the eye can see…

The Mara and Sand Rivers are pivotal locations (and gauntlets!) for the masses of wildebeest that circulate through the northern Serengeti from July-October each year – they must cross in order to maintain their migration patterns and follow the rains and fresh grasses to the south…

Perhaps you are a relative newcomer to this age of digital photography and interested in getting to know your own camera better and understanding acronyms like ‘ISO’ and words like ‘White Balance’? Join one of our African Photo Safaris with resident wildlife photographer Paul Joynson-Hicks.

Here is a short bio….

The dream that is Africa – after watching the romance of exploration and adventure of the safari expeditions of a bygone era on the big screen, it’s time to create memorable voyages of your own. Ehlane Plains Camp has been established in the far eastern plains of the Serengeti, a remote and wildlife-filled pocket of the savannah.

This is where the magic begins, this is where your dream of wild Africa comes alive. ‘Ehlane’ is a Zulu word which translates to ‘wilderness’. It is a clear description of the extraordinary and newly accessible location which presents forth an unsurpassed display of predators and predator activity.

It is here in the Soit le Motonyi region, far from the Serengeti transit areas, that you are able to find something wild and spectacular amongst this rough country. The area is unique; unspoilt, silent, remote and truly exciting.

Coming in 2020

Atop the ancient kopjes of the southern Serengeti, Kusini Kopjes Kambi is perched and poised in anticipation of another African dawn. With views from every tented suite across the incredible southern Serengeti plains, this is a property that commands attention. The elevation exercises it’s right to the cool afternoon breezes, while guests are enthralled with the dramatic sinking of the blazing sun.

A lit campfire to mesmerize; a sundowner to savour in hand. Each tented suite contains a lounge cove with comfortable couches and coffee table, dressing area with handcrafted cupboards, wooden decking with natural outdoor furniture, net-draped king size bed with bedside tables and lamps, mninga writing desk with shaped chair, full length wall mirror and soft carpets to wander along. Moving towards the ensuite; a monchromed theme of glass-walled shower, double hand basins, flushing toilet, luxurious bath tub and egress to the outdoor rain shower await us.


Just a short drive from Kogatende Airstrip and the popular Mara River viewing area, KasKaz Mara Camp is yet another stunning high-end semi-permanent tented camp in our portfolio. In a superb location with an indulgent base for optimal migration viewing, large netted windows and draped roofing in each suite for Serengeti-style air conditioning cotton curtains dancing on the breeze, over-sized comfortable beds, indoor and outdoor furnishings of style, expansive floor space, great hardwood double vanities, hand carved decor with Swahili flair and a hammock to boot; KasKaz Mara Camp proposes style and grace in the far northern Serengeti. With eight extra-ordinary spacious tented suites, our camp allows for drive in or game package clients all year round, all the while taking special care to illustrate the unique environment they are welcome to. While at the camp, make sure to take a break from driving to explore the intriguing wilderness on foot with our in-house armed walking guide; follow the track, smell the herds on the breeze and hear the crunch of fauna underfoot.

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  • Naona Moru showed us the most incredible hospitality we have ever experienced anywhere — bar none, full stop — making our four nights here a dream come true. We had the camp to ourselves for three of the four nights and every single person went the extra mile (or 10,000 miles!) to make us have the greatest honeymoon experience imaginable.

    Honeymoon dream come true!
    Brian L
  • Stayed at camp for two nights and loved it the tents are spacious clean and comfortable the staff friendly and attentive and we made some great friends amongst them. The food was outstanding warm fresh bread rolls and the most amazing yoghurt desert. Just loved this place should have stayed longer. We left the tent flaps open and saw hackles in the bush of a night. Safe, friendly and welcoming. Highly recommend

    Wow amazing
  • We had a great two night stay at this camp, the staff were super friendly and the food was great. We spent early evening with a good glass of wine watching the wildlife go by whilst sitting by the fire pit, perfect! The tents were lovely, though the mattress was a little hard for my taste. Still everything else was pretty great and we would highly recommend a stay here.

    Great two night stay at Naona
    @Amanda N
  • We stayed at Naona Moru camp for 2 nights as part of a week-long safari. What a wonderful surprise when we drove up after a long day of game drive to this modern tented safari camp – simply suberb! The staff greeted us with hot towels and fresh juice. Our tent had 2 double beds and a large bathroom and the food was amazing. You also get free laundry service which was greatly needed after being on the dusty safari roads. This unique camp added so much to our experience!

    What a pleasant suprise
    @Alissa H
  • We just stayed 2 nights at this camp. Out of the 10 tents we were the only ones there. We were pampered. The staff was very friendly & attentive. We were fed very well. Sitting around the fire pit in the evening was very enjoyable.
    If you are a lite sleeper this isn’t the place for you. Many animal noises heard through the night. Wildebeest migration through the camp in the middle of the night.

    Camping at its best
    @Sherre M

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