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Nasikia Mobile Migration Camp (Ndutu NCAA)


Nasikia Mobile Migration Camp Map
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    Nasikia Mobile Migration Camp Map
A t Nasikia Mobile Camp, we have 8-12 tents that remain mobile throughout the year, depending on seasonal reservation requirements and location of the wildebeest migration. We endeavour to retain the uniqueness and intimacy of the camp, while being directed by the location, wildlife and other factors of responsible tourism.

01 December – 31 March – located at the Small Marsh special campsite, this location has us in the midst of the great wildebeest migration as they graze on the southern Serengeti plains. We are also so, so close as the calving season is in full swing from approximately late January and into February each year. Read More

Each tent is 12m long by 4m wide made from well known heavy duty safari rip-stop canvas made locally at Morogoro, southern Tanzania, plus the additional cooling feature of shade-clothing over the entire tent. You are met at the entrance (on the longest side of the tent) by a patio area with chairs and a table for relaxing when you have a moment. The front of the tents zips fully open, including a layer of mosquito netting and the rip-stop canvas (it also zips closed completely with both layers). Once you step into the tent into the bedroom area, you will see an arrangement of satisfying furniture like a desk and chair, storage chest (with extra blankets), matting, wardrobe with robes, slippers, an umbrella and laundry bag, luggage racks, torch/whistle/camp information folder, bedside tables, bed footers and beds (depending on room configuration). All the fittings depict colours in natural and tones to adhere to the intrinsic area we are located. We offer double (even a honeymoon option), twin, single, triple and family (quad) tents and each bed is fully netted for custom made protection from mosquitoes and insects. The beds are fitted with imported cotton sheets, double pillows, duvets and bed runners for your comfort. The tents have netted windows down each side of the tent which you can fully open only the canvas remaining at all times with the mosquito netting stitched strongly into the actual tent. Then comes the bathroom area, which can be accessed directly from the bedroom with a separate doorway. Once inside, there is a bathroom stand with a ceramic wash basin with running water via stylish taps, a mirror, a supply of natural based bathroom products, and linen to suit the number of people expected to occupy the tent. This area also displays a woven grass mat and cloths rack. Within this area, there are additional toilet and shower areas for privacy. Inside the toilet area is a ceramic flushing toilet, encased in a wooden frame for stability. Inside the shower area, is stand for washing behind a shower curtain and under a 20 litre PVC bucket erected on a pulley system as required. From the entrance to the bedroom and onto the bathroom, each tent is fitted with an extensive solar lighting system for your convenience

Please consider careful and responsible use of water and lighting when at the camp, to extend accessibility for all.

There is a magical path of lanterns between the tents and also to our double-ended Dining Tent, with breeze corridor separating the areas. While we use these kerosene lanterns, you will also observe a mix of solar guide lights and scented beeswax candles to create an enchanting setting to unwind after the day’s adventures. Feel free to take pleasure in our library in the Lounge Tent, enjoy your meals in the Dining Tent, and why not enjoy a sundowner while sitting around the nightly wood fire. For charging electrical equipment, we run a generator in the evenings (until 10pm) for the dining and lounge tents – please approach the camp manager for assistance.

Our chefs are the creators of fine bush cuisine, using fresh produce from all over Tanzania, to offer a menu that will tantalize.

Nasikia Mobile Camp follows the Great Wildebeest migration, as well as other wildlife from the Ngorongoro Conservation Area to the Serengeti National Park. By being mobile, the camps are able to offer the best wildlife viewing. There are 8-12 tents that are 12m by 4m, each with a cooling feature of shade-clothing over the tent. Nasikia Mobile Camp moves between three locations through the year, except for April and May. From December to March, the camps are in the southern Serengeti and can be reached by road or Ndutu Airstrip. From July to October the camp is in northern Serengeti and can be reached by road or Lobo/Kogatende Airstrip.


a CuriosIty cheetah in
Lioness in Moru area,
near Naona Moru Camp
bee eater
a Newly born in
The southern Serengeti
Giraffe – an iconic
African savannah species
Common Zebra in
the northern Serengeti

Things to do

Wildlife viewing and bird watching game drives within the central Serengeti are offered twice per day. Experienced guides encourage guests to see and experience the Serengeti through their eyes, sharing a world of small and large wonders that only they truly know and understand.

Balloon safaris are a romantic and evocative way of experiencing the wilderness of East Africa, as you silently fly over the plains teeming with herds of wildlife in the early morning. Typically, a balloon safari begins around 6 am and lasts for around 1-2 hours. Balloon safaris (additional cost) in the Serengeti take off from designated sites in the nearby Seronera area. The safari is followed by a champagne breakfast in the bush, a fitting end to a memorable flight in the wild.

The adventure starts here! Kaskaz Camp welcomes children 6 yrs. and over. We guarantee a private safari vehicle to families of 4 more during the low season, but during high season families with children under 12 are obliged to use a private game-viewing vehicle at extra cost. Our bush guides have a wealth of insightful experience and they will fascinate you and your children with bush-wise facts, wildlife know-how, games, local customs and incredible stories of life in the wilderness.

Explore the intriguing wilderness on foot with our in-house armed walking guide; follow the tracks, smell the herds on the breeze and hear the crunch of fauna underfoot.Ideally these are at dawn and dusk, before and after the heat and stillness which prevails around the middle of the day when the animals (and most people) take a rest. Our bush guides have a wealth of insightful experience and they will fascinate you with bush-wise facts, wildlife know-how, local customs and incredible stories of life in the wilderness.

Rack Rates | 2015

We believe Nasikia Tanzania Camps offers great value for mobile camping options on the northern safari circuit for travellers who enjoy being in great locations for wildlife viewing. We offer rates that stay the same all year round, and we believe seasonal supplements do not apply.

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Nasikia Tarangire Ndovu Camp
Full Board Packages – prices are per person per night
US$250 – double / twin tent
US$220 – triple tent
US$300 – single tent

Nasikia Mobile Camp
Full Board Packages – prices are per person per night
US$410 – double / twin tent
US$390 – triple tent
US$520 – single tent

Game Package Rates - prices per person per night
US$500 – double / twin tent
US$480 – triple tent
US$610 – single tent

Basic Terms:
  • Rates are ONLY quoted in US Dollars.
  • Rates are inclusive of government taxes.
  • ALL rates are per person per night.
  • Full Board basis is dinner, bed, breakfast and lunch.
  • Lunch can be a hot lunch or take away lunch boxes.
  • Note: Park entrance fees are NOT included.

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