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Wilderness Fly Camping

Bush Experience

UNIQUE: The world of safari is fast developing so let’s alter that. Take a step back, slow down, look, listen and breathe. A smaller, more mobile camp can be transported with relative ease. This allows us to also be more mobile – from one distinct location to another. A camp like this is not only about the ardour of Africa, it is about learning. The chance to experience your environment with the intensity of sight and sound. By listening and watching, you are engrossed in timeless Africa.

UNDER CANVAS: An excellent example of exploration in East Africa before the introduction of permanent lodges and camps for tourism can be found in the book, ‘An African Love Story’ [Daphne Sheldrick]. Daphne describes her adventures to establish national park and game reserves in East Africa with her husband "the long journey to arrive to the isolated location, the hardship of establishing of camp, the impact of weather and wildlife". But what strikes a chord more than all of that is the romance of listening to the sounds of the African night, camp food being prepared by the fire, the metal bowl of warm water for washing, the flickering light of the kerosene lamps and the call of the birds to wake in the morning. With a mobile camp in the wilderness, you stay under canvas and experience true dreamy Africa of times gone by.



We are able to utilise several areas within the Serengeti, Tarangire, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, the wildlife corridor connecting Manyara/Tarangire and divergent areas like Mbulu, Yaeda Valley, Lake Natron and the Maasai Steppe.



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